Types of Dzogchen

To assist my visual learning I have put together this diagram to explain how “Dzogchen” is seen in the Aro lineage of Nyingma.  All corrections, suggestions and kudos are appreciated.



  1. I think diagrams like this can be very useful to some people (including me).

    It looks right to me. One thing, just to clarify: there’s a fussy distinction, in the ngondro, between the practices and their results. The practices are the ones you list. The results of the first two are nepa and mi-gYo-wa (non-movement). I’m not sure I can accurately remember the names of the results of the other two from memory, and I don’t have the book at hand–you could check that. This is a point that will be explained in more detail in another, more technical book now in preparation by Ngakpa Chögyam and Khandro Dechen.

    Trülkhor / yantra yoga is a way of affecting the subtle/energetic body, which means that in a Dzogchen system such as the Aro gTér it comes under longde (which is mainly concerned with the subtle body). In a Tantric system, it would belong to the “completion phase” of Tantra, or to Anuyoga in the Nyingma system.

  2. Thank you Meaningness, I have made the changes. I will e-mail you about other changes.

  3. A series of Aro gTer sKu-mNyé exercises (massage of the psychophysical system) are widely taught in public and are from Dzogchen Longdé.

    Although this post pertains to the Aro lineage, it might be worth mentioning that the Ling Gésar gTer, which is nested within the Aro gTer, is based in Longdé. All Gésar public teachings are essentially Longdé.

  4. @ Rin’dzin
    Wow, that was pretty thick with Tibetan. But I think it translate to say:
    “Aro teaches Longdé to the public in classes on our tradition’s massage technique and martial art.”

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