Monthly Archives: February, 2011


Above is my attempted sketch of the stances as outlined by David Chapman on Meaningness.  On the bottom are the “confused stances” which are mixes of Eternalism vs. Nihilism  and of Monism vs. Dualism.  Note that Nihilistic Monism is a rare stance so that there are practically only the Big Three confused stances.  The center …

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Aro Podcast Notes: 01-Part1

These are my personal notes taken while listening to the Aro Buddhism Podcasts which can be found for free on the Apple I-tunes store.  This post covers the 1997 San Francisco lecture by Ngak’chang Rinpoche:  Aro01: Part 1 – Compassion and the Vehicles of Tibetan Buddhism. There are many ways to classify Buddhism.  Ngak’chang R. …

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