Wearing the Body of Visions

This is an annotated index of my posts related to or inspired by Ngakpa Chögyam’s fine book “Wearing the Body of Visions” (1995).  My hope is that perhaps even one person may find these notes useful. But even if not, organizing and writing these notes deepens my understanding.  All mistakes are mine, of course.  And corrections or questions are coveted!

Opening (preface)

  • The Aro Lineage: pg 1 starts with one of the many cool lineage images that delightful illustrate the book.  I made this diagram to help me keep all the players them straight.
  • The Middle Way: pg 9 discusses a useful Tantric  interpretation but there are others.
  • Yāna Classification: pg 10,16,17 start out right away assuming the reader understand the complex Nyingma classification system.  Here is a diagram to help.
  • Khandro-Pawo:  pg 11 briefly mentions this important theme.  I needed to visualize it and expand it.  It seems it will grow much more important.
1. Limitless Dance
  • Dance, Theatre and Games: pg 29, links to Triangulations showing my overlapping understandings with NC’s presentation and the notion of “dance” or “game”.
  • Mini-Deaths: pg 33, NC describes how “transitions” can be an everyday possibility to see emptiness.  His thoughts resonated exactly with my thoughts on my mini-death post over on Triangulations.
  • One Taste: The Dance of Emptiness and Form:  pg 34 the Aro explanation of emptiness. p34
  • Tantra Ligatures:  pg 34, see how “tantra” is written in Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese and Japanese.
2. Entering the Sphere of Energy
  • Tulku: pg 54 NC discusses the Trül-ku form and the footnote discusses the different spellings.  Here I show why there are different spellings.
3. Primal Iridescence
4. Envisioning
  • The Yidam Heat Shield : pgs 94-95,  A method to preserve meditations skills once you uncross your legs.
  • Sleeping Marmot Meditation:  pg 95,  Simply not following thoughts may not change you at all.
  • Running to India: pg 127, Rinpoche suggests that escaping to India is a mistake.  Is this ironic?
  • more coming …

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