Script Families & Tibetan

The Tibetan script has always been one of my favorite scripts – a bold balance of curved and straight lines. In my graduate studies I worked Arabic (Urdu) and Devanagri (Hindi) scripts and as I dabble with Tibetan now, it is tempting to see the Devanagri. But actually the Tibetan script doesn’t look much like Devanagri — instead, I found out– Tibetan and Devanagri have a common ancestor Brahmi.  Below are the script families to help see those relations.  Understand that language families and script families are very different things. Turkish now uses a Roman script but it use to use Arabic. Japanese uses Chinese characters but it is not at all related to Chinese.

In another post I hope to compare Tibetan, Devanagri and Brahmi scripts to show their similarities and contrasts.

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  1. You might like John Stevens’ Sacred Calligraphy of the East.

    A recent episode of my Buddhist vampire novel discusses several of the scripts in your tree—and one not found there…

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