Monthly Archives: January, 2012

Running to India

From this series: Wearing the Body of Vision “You cannot extricate yourself from samsara by leaving society.  That simply does not work. This is why I don’t really approve of people giving up their jobs and running to hide in India.” — pg 127 Wearing the Body of Visions – Ngakpa Chögyam I understand what …

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Theravada Sources

This is simply a resource page where I will keep notes. A Theravada Library: Access to Insight (1) Henepola Gunaranta (1927-)  Gunarantara: Mindfulness Made Simple … (free on-line) (2) Bhikkhu Bodhi (Jeffrey Block, Ph.D) (1944 -): Free Papers His Majhima Nikaya at Amazon Free on-line MP3 series of “A Systematic Study of the Majjhima Nikaya“!  MP3 …

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