I am using this site to post notes, diagrams, charts, book reviews and more to help record my exploration of the elaborate and rich Buddhist tradition called “Vajrayāna”.

I have very superficially studied and practiced in a few Buddhist schools including Zen, Vipassanā, and Vajrayāna traditions.  I have also shortly trained in Raja Yoga and I used to consider myself a Christian mystic.

I have another site called “Triangulations” where I skeptically explore religion, philosophy, medicine and psychology.  But on this site I try not to post my skeptical thoughts though they inevitably sneak out. (smile)   My skepticism is optimistic, open-minded, exploratory and invigorating — though the word often has negative connotations for some, it does not for me.  My skepticism helps me learn and explore.  But skepticism is only part of my mental habits — I also love to playfully dive head first into pleasures while skepticism naps.

I make a living by practicing modern medicine though I formerly practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine in Japan and have practice other alternative medical traditions which I no longer embrace — see Triangulations for more details.  Anyway, due to my profession, I use the pen name “Sabio Lantz”.  I have used it long enough now that it has become real name to me.  What fun!!

I covet your feedback and am grateful to all who take time to correct and improve my understanding.  May I kindly ask that all comments be kept civil and aimed at increasing knowledge, wisdom,  compassion, vitality and joy.

Thank you,
— Sabio Lantz

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