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Tulku (tibetan)

A “Tulku” is the title given to a Lama who is recognized as the incarnation of a previous Lama.  The word is sometimes written “Trül-ku” or transliterated as “sprul sku”.  Using the Tibetan Syllable post, below you can see why various spellings exist.  I will take notes on the meaning in another post.

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The Tibetan Syllable

This diagram, while busy, captures all the key basic points needed to understand basic Tibetan orthography.  Visual frameworks help me to hold on to knowledge and I hope it helps someone else as they begin trying to understand classical Tibetan. The top half of the diagram shows the basic syllable structure of stacked letters.  Note …

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Linguistics & Buddhism

Below is an annotated list of language posts on this site: Learning Tibetan Script The Tibetan Syllable:  A framework to understand how to write & read Tibetan Tibetan Flash Cards:  A tool to  learn the Tibetan letters Dissecting Tibetan Words/Phrases Tulku: dissecting a Tibetan word’s script The Tibetan Language, general Classifying Tibetan:  Where does Tibetan lie …

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